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GTFO Radio

GTFO Radio is where Allison Lane and Paige Plissner catch up on pop culture and current events. Join them as they sift through the BS and buzz words to humorously highlight whatever it is people are talking about.

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    Happy Birthday, Tiny!

    Paige and Allison close out a thankful November, check in with our friends in Florida and shout out to missionaries for all their hard work.

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    It’s time to be thankful y’all! Paige and Allison get real grateful. Like really grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    House Full of Women

    The importance of vulnerability, taking risks, and all the positive takeaways from the midterm election. Plus, how to game the MAGAs.

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    Jack Moved to LA

    This week we discuss our producer moving to LA, and Naomi Campbell drops by to voice her opinion about how beautiful we are.

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    Thin Lipped Demons

    Horoscopes and affirmations for your weekend. We focus on internet beef started by white famous women, and learn how to make “fake it till you make it” work for ourselves.

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    Taco Time Sadness.

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    FUBU Museum

    Trigger warning: this week we get into Brett, Cosby, and white people in hip hop spaces.

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    Booty Boundaries and Call-in with Colin

    The Emmy’s happened,We should all get a restraining order on Burger King Brett Kavanaugh, Can we sue Mariah Carey? Affirmation: Booty Boundaries

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    In My Feelings

    This week is piloted by tequila: How to slow down aging, the conspiracy against crypto currency, and how we really feel about the elegant Serena Williams (spoiler: obviously we love her).

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