GTFO Radio

GTFO Radio

GTFO Radio is where Allison Lane and Paige Plissner catch up on pop culture and current events. Join them as they sift through the BS and buzz words to humorously highlight whatever it is people are talking about.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    GTFO 2.0 begins with guest co-host DJ Lemz. Allison and Lemz get ready for pride, what‘s good with therapy and getting squared by Uranus.

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    We Love You, Paige

    This week we explain upcoming changes to GTFO, and reflect on the evolution with Uranus clashing with the moon.

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    Game of Thrones, daft 24 year olds, and Florida Man.

    GTFO Radio is recorded live at Full Service Radio located in the Line Hotel in Washington, DC. Hosts: Allison Lane, Paige Plissner Producer: Jack Inslee

    Questions or comments, email us at Or find us on Twitter: @GTFO_radio Call us (202)-450-1636

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    Hey Jack

    Dinner guests and online masturbation.

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    Celebrity Check Up

    This week Allison and Paige welcome Lent with updates on our favorite 2000s child celebrities.

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    Get The Faith Out!

    Relationship advice for the “crazies” and learning to accept joy into your life. Praise Jesus!

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    Nothing matters, we're all gonna die!

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    Relationship Confessional

    In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Allison and Paige confess the shittier parts of their past relationships, and how it’s made them grow. Learn their love lessons.

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    Jack is Back

    Allison and Paige catch up on this week’s super lame important events, plus love advice for lonely cat 20-somethings, affirmations, and truly accurate horoscopes.

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