GTFO Radio

GTFO Radio

GTFO Radio is where Allison Lane and Paige Plissner catch up on pop culture and current events. Join them as they sift through the BS and buzz words to humorously highlight whatever it is people are talking about.

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    Jack is Back

    Allison and Paige catch up on this week’s super lame important events, plus love advice for lonely cat 20-somethings, affirmations, and truly accurate horoscopes.

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    A New Advice Column

    Advice from Paige and Allison and more from FLORIDA MAN!

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    HELLO 2019

    Brought to you by NyQuil.

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    GOODBYE 2018

    Allison and Paige say goodbye to 2018 with horoscopes, affirmations, and tips for setting goals in 2019. They laugh, they cry, they get mad, and heal.

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    Everybody Eats

    Food highlights and food no-nos from this year

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    Movies and TV 2018

    Paige and Allison wrap up their personal faves of the big and small screen from this abysmal year. Turn up!

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    Cheesy GRiZ, Your Own Truths, and Music 2018

    Allison and Paige ease into the episode with horoscopes (Mecury in Retrograde ends at 4:22PM) and heavy affirmation on self truths, then discuss music from 2018 that you probably forgot about. Plus, our friend Jason delivers commentary via handwritten notes.

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    Happy Birthday, Tiny!

    Paige and Allison close out a thankful November, check in with our friends in Florida and shout out to missionaries for all their hard work.

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    It’s time to be thankful y’all! Paige and Allison get real grateful. Like really grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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